Summer 2013

The Association works closely together with The Hague Academy of International Law and organizes the non-academic programme for the students of The Hague Academy. Because the students visit a city with the reputation: ‘Legal Capital of the World’, they must visit the International Tribunals and Organizations. In 2013 the students could visit for example the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

The Association also organized cultural activities in 2013. Such as visits to the Humanity House and The Hague Historical Museum, as well as visits to Leiden and Delft. During the second week of the Academy, the Association organized a beach party in Scheveningen (both for Public and Private International Law students). In the last week of each session students brought food from their home countries to the Cook-Out.

2013 summer assistants:

Jip van Mieghem

Danielle Cohen Henriquez

Foto AAA (Scheveningen 18 juli 2013)


Summer Assistants Jip and Danielle at the Beach Party







Students in front of the Peace Palace (Private Course 2013)






Town Hall reception 2013







Town Hall reception 2013 (speech by Sophie Brinkel)







City Tour Delft 2013


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