Hague Academy AssociationThe Association of Attendees and Alumni of The Hague Academy of International Law (AAA) is an association founded on 26 July 1923. It aims at maintaining intellectual and friendly relations between the attenders and alumni of the Academy and to develop their international spirit. During the summer session excursions are organized.

But also after the summer courses international exchange is promoted by the Association. Within the framework of the AAA students and others can form national, regional and professional groups. Today, especially the German national group is one of the most active national groups of the Association. The Association highly encourages the continuation of groups and the formation of new groups.

Every year the editorial board of the AAA publishes a yearbook on international law.

The current board of the Association:

Mr. Maurice Kamga, Secretary-General

Ms. Sophie Brinkel, Vice Secretary-General

Mrs. Susan van Haeringen, Head of Administration